giovedì 31 gennaio 2013


Qualche volta ci provo:
vedo un'annuncio di una macchina da caffè con l'imballo originale e le istruzioni, e chiedo (gentilmente) di avere una copia da condividere con i miei fedeli lettori.
Spesso non ricevo risposta.
Spesso mi viene chiesto di pagare (!).
Questa volta la signora Piera Eletta Passerini è stata gentilissima e si è prodigata a regalare a tutti noi appassionati questa "chicca".

5 commenti:

  1. Oh yes. Recently a nockit manual was sold with the machine on
    I asked nicely and I was asked for money. I said ok! give me your paypal ... I never got an answer.

  2. Mad world indeed! Recently, i just asked for the pictures used for the ebay auction, only for documentation purposes. Just 4 Pictures this ebay seller used to sell a machine he had no (absolutely not the slightest) interest in. He refused. In the past, i have paid 30 Euros just for a scan, just for me to be able to share it FOR FREE on my Blog. (Crazy me) Fortunately for me, this is the exception and not the rule. That's why i was compelled to comment on the leaflet. People like this, who can go above this mental barrier of "sharing" are very rare.... very very rare. Mik


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