domenica 23 settembre 2012

Bella e misteriosa

extract from  "Beverage" chapter of the 1965 edition of "The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook"

"Caffe Espresso"

"This Italian coffee is wonderfully dark and strong. True espresso is made in an espresso machine (page 65). The brew is expressed by steam pressure and rapid filtration."

"Good Italian coffee may also be made in a macchinetta, the Italian-style drip pot that is flipped upside down for brewing."

"Special pulverized coffee, an Italian or French roast is used in either the espresso maker or in the macchinetta. Or get a jar of instant espresso or instant dark-roast coffee. Serve in demitasse cups - offer sugar and lemon peel. Traditionally, cream is not passed."

many thanks to George Van Wagner

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